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ISGATEC Academy | Technical knowledge

We are convinced that the personal and professional development of an individual empolyee contributes significantly to the success of the company.

Our aim is to map the complexity and versatility of the fields of knowledge in and around the topics of sealing, adhesive and polymer technology. It is our goal to provide the technical and scientific content in practice. Knowledge should offer concrete and applicable benefits. Professionals often have to take on leadership responsibilities. To accomplish this transition successfully, we offer training opportunities for this area.

Most of our trainings and seminars are in German language. Please ask us, if you are interested in seminars in English language. Send an email to

Your contact

Sefanie Wüst

Stefanie Wüst
Project Manager ACADEMY

Phone: +49 621 7176 888-2

Your advantages:

  • We are the market leader in engineering and technology seminars with the most versatile offer in the field of SEALING ADHESIVE POLYMER TECHNOLOGY.
  • We value the vendor-neutral presentation of the content. 
  • Through small groups we support the individual approach of the speakers to the needs of the participants.
  • We are constantly expanding our program and customize it to the trends in engineering and technology.
  • With in-house seminars and workshops our network of experts offers many possibilities to respond to individual requirements.

Our Speakers:

We work with experts of the actual working world. They have in addition to the theoretical scientific knowledge the ability to convey complex issues in a practical and tangible manner.

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