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ISGATEC - The Network of Competence: Knowledge transfer and contacts

With our consulting and services portfolio for the market of sealing technology, elastomer, rubber and adhesive technology we, the ISGATEC® GmbH (International Sealing, Gasket and Adhesive Technology), are unique in Europe. We maintain relationships with manufactures, distributors, science and consultans, and we offer you expert knowledge and convey experiences to the highest level.

The Online Portal of Sealing, Gasket and Adhesive Technology

Online you will find suppliers under FIND SOLUTION PARTNERS, specialists and executives in CAREER NETWORK,News and Engineering in Facts and Information and BLOG. This will support and accelerate your daily work. Participate in our experience, the knowledge and our contacts.

Seminars (also Inhouse), Forums, Workshops

Our seminars, forums, workshops and in-house seminars are manufacturer neutral, practical and competent. The Topics are e.g. dynamic and static sealing systems, damage analysis of seals, liquid applied seals, progress-safe dosing, tribology, bonding as well as technical drawings, quality assurance agreements, quality management and law.

Trade journal | Technical literature

ISGATEC Media informs about trends and developments. We do research and present you the system alternatives in the fields of SEALING ADHESIVE POLYMER – distinguished according to the different application areas. The specialist magazine DICHT!, the YEARBOOKS OF SEALING AND GASKET TECHNOLOGY and the dictionaries are part of this versatile platform.

Design & Development | Consulting

With our experts, we develop technically and economically optimized solutions – from part geometry and material specifications to production process optimization. The professional marketing and management consulting as well as the monitoring of sale or acquisition of companies by means of our networking will bring you safe to your goal.


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